Zombie Reddy Story

Zombie Reddy is a comedy mystery film directed via way of means of Prasanth Varma. The film casts Teja Sajja, Anandhi, Daksha Nagarkar and plenty of others are withinside the lead roles. The Music composed via way of means of Mark K Robin even as cinematography executed via way of means of Anith and it’s miles edited via way of means of Sai Babu. The movie is produced via way of means of Raj Shekar Varma below Apple Tree Studios banner.


Mario alias Marripalem Obul Reddy (Teja Sajja), Bhadram (Kiriti Damaraju), Maggie (Daksha Nagarkar), Kalyan (Hemant) are pc sport designers. The sport created via way of means of the Mario crew achieves the very best downloads. But because of Kalyan’s unavailability of marriage, the Mario crew has to visit Rudravaram village in Kurnool with the factions. Upon accomplishing Rudravaram, Mario learns that Kalyan can be killed via way of means of the bride and groom.

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