S.No Best GTA San Andreas Mods (2021)

  1. Gravity Gun Mod
  2. GTA SA IV LOS Santos
  3. First-Person View Mod
  4. Parkour Mod
  5. Overdose Effects
  6. Cheat Menu Mod
  7. GTA SA – V Graphics ENB
  8. GTA V HUD Mod
  9. GTA San Andreas Sound Pack
  10. GTA United

1.Gravity Gun Mod

Do you need to drag human beings in the direction of you after which throw them a long way farfar from you? Well, this GTA San Andreas mod helps you to do precisely that. After you put in the Gravity Gun Mod, our liked Carl Johnson receives one extra weapon in his arsenal, the ‘Gravity Gun.’

Interestingly, the usage of the ‘Gravity Gun,’ you could pull some thing, such as Non-Playable Characters (NPCs), vehicles, and visitors lights. Then, you could throw them everywhere you like. To be honest, the sensation of seeing NPCs screaming and begging for mercy is in contrast to some thing else.

Also, messing up with NPCs is the whole thing GTA is about. So, you may say that Gravity Gun Mode is one of the high-satisfactory GTA San Andreas mods you could attempt out today.

2.GTA SA IV LOS Santos

When as compared to video games which can be out today, GTA San Andreas does appearance old. The simplest purpose human beings are nonetheless gambling San Andreas is that there may be a lot to discover in Los Santos. However, what if there’s a GTA SA mod that re-textures the pictures of San Andreas to make it pass face to face with GTA IV. Well, that’s ‘GTA SA IV Los Santos’ mod for you in a nutshell.

In short, this GTA SA mod replaces unique Los Santos textures with the textures from GTA IV. It is one of these GTA SA mods that takes the sport’s pictures to an entire every other level. So, in case you’re bored with gambling Rockstar’s most-well-known identify in old pictures, then perhaps, you ought to attempt out this GTA San Andreas mod.

3.First-Person View Mod

There’s no factor in denying the reality that all of us need to enjoy the brilliance of GTA San Andreas in a first-individual view. Originally, the sport became simplest to be had in a third-individual view. However, way to the human beings operating on numerous GTA San Andreas mods, one of these SA mods permits us to play the whole sport withinside the First-individual view.

By putting in this GTA mod, you could examine the whole thing in Los Santos extra closely. Moreover, the usage of guns in San Andreas receives extra amusing whilst you are gambling the sport in first-individual.

4.Parkour Mod

In actual existence, now no longer a lot of us ought to do backflips. However, it’s very a whole lot feasible for us to insane backflips and handstands in GTA San Andreas’ all way to GTA SA Parkour mod.

The Parkour Mod V.2.0.four permits you to carry out a complete of sixty five hints in the sport, such as returned handspring, complete twist, webster, cork, and plenty extra. In short, you could actually forestall visitors withinside the streets of Los Santos with the aid of using appearing notable acrobatic skills.

Who knows, perhaps after the usage of GTA San Andreas mods like those, you’ll be prompted to examine those hints in actual existence as well.

5.Overdose Effects

When Rockstar launched GTA San Andreas, the pictures and in-sport results have been surely good. However, for today, you could say that the whole thing appears underwhelming. Well, that’s in which GTA San Andreas mods such as ‘Overdose Effects V1.five’ comes into the equation.

Surprisingly, the Overdose results mod decorate visuals of blasts, water, sky, sparks, smoke, fire, etc. In short, the HD great results due to this GTA SA mod will compel you to apply RPG on masses of vehicles.

6.Cheat Menu Mod

If you’ve performed GTA San Andreas, then you definitely likely understand how critical it receives to do not forget all beneficial cheat codes. However, in contrast to GTA Vice City, cheats for GTA San Andreas are extraordinarily tough to do not forget. That’s why gamers usually Google cheat codes at the same time as gambling the sport.

Well, in case you’re bored with this exercise and need to apply Cheat codes with only a unmarried click, then the GTA SA Cheat Menu mod is right here for you.

After putting in this mod in GTA San Andreas, you get the Cheat Menu in your sport screen. You ought to choose the cheat you need to apply with the aid of using clicking on it. In short, you won’t ought to kind the cheat code manually.

So, you may say that that is one of these GTA San Andreas mods that saves a whole lot of it slow at the same time as additionally making matters simpler for you.

7.GTA SA – V Graphics ENB

It is of the high-satisfactory GTA San Andreas mods you could down load in 2021. Several GTA SA mods declare to enhance the pictures of the sport; however, only some of them do the activity with out breaking your gadget. Well, fortunately, the GTA SA- V Graphics ENB mod works with none problem.

If upgrading the San Andreas pictures with GTA IV textures isn’t enough, you could pass one step in advance and decorate the visuals with GTA five textures. After putting in this mode, the whole thing in Los Santos will appear extra realistic.

So, in case you are taking into account going returned to gambling San Andreas in 2021, then GTA SA-V Graphics is the high-satisfactory San Andreas you could attempt.


If you’re gambling GTA San Andreas in 2021, you need to get indignant due to the sport’s old HUD. For instance, switching among guns in San Andreas is a nightmare. Fortunately, ‘GTA V HUD’ is one of these GTA SA mods that offers a contemporary-day contact to GTA San Andreas’s user-interface.

After putting in this GTA San Andreas mod, you’ll get a obvious guns wheel in the sport, much like GTA five. Moreover, it helps you to customise the sport menu as you wish.
What’s even brilliant is that it provides the Radar gadget in San Andreas. When you mark your vacation spot at the map, the radar shows the nearest course in your map. Also, the police vehicles’ place may also be to be had at the map.

In short, that is one of the high-satisfactory GTA San Andreas mods you ought to deployation in 2021.

9.Sound Pack For San Andreas

If, for a few purpose, you’re bored of the unique San Andreas sound, perhaps it’s time to notch matters up. Interestingly, Sound Pack for San Andreas provides a gaggle of recent sounds to the sport. You won’t realise it now, however new sound results make you sense like you’re gambling a barely distinct sport.

The mod provides new sounds for transport, sirens, shouts of passers-with the aid of using, explosions, sound while loading video games, and lots extra. So, in case you don’t use this mod in San Andreas, you’re lacking out on some thing entertaining.

10.GTA United

Do you like GTA Liberty City and GTA Vice City except San Andreas? If yes, you’ll in reality love this San Andreas mod. Apparently, this mod replaces the San Andreas map with Liberty City and Vice City. In short, it’s going to permit gamers to unite 3 GTA Games, that’s quite awesome.

If that’s now no longer enough, you’d be thrilled to understand that the mod additionally provides new aspect missions in the sport. Along with that, you’ll additionally discover more than one easter eggs after putting in the mod.

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