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Expedito Taguibao ng Cagayan

Expedito Taguibao ng Cagayan is one of the political aspirants for mayor of Cagayan province. He is running for the post of mayor in the 2022 elections. He is currently serving as vice mayor of Enrile town. He is also running for vice mayor of Tuguegarao city. His campaign team is composed of Jack Decquico and Rodel Gervacio. He is seen at a campaign rally in Enrile town.

The mayor of Enrile is elected by the people every three years. This is a simple community that depends on human resources. It has a population of 29 719 zhitelei. The main products of the community are ris and Kukuruza. It is a town in the southern part of Cagayan province. There are 22 barangaiami munitsipaliteta in Enrile. The town is a part of the Virgin land extension in Cagayan province.

The town is a part of the government’s effort to make farmers into comerciants. They are encouraged to increase production and stabilize the food prices. They are also providing assistance to affected families. The Department of Agriculture (DA) declared Enrile as the arahide capital of the Philippines.

According to the DA, the reason why Enrile produces arahide is because of the soil type. It has a high elevation. This means that the town has a high level of moisture. The town is also surrounded by mountains. This provides the town with a rich soil. The Kalingas were the first colonists in Enrile. They were the ones who planted tutun in the base of the mountains.

The DA predated 2.500 kilograms of arahide for plantare and 10 carabao for harvesting. It also predated agricultural equipment worth four million euro. In a recent report presented by the DA’s Secretary of Agriculture, Enrile is known as the arahide capital of the country. He also said that arahide has a great cultural value.

Senator Go acknowledged the efforts of the vice mayor Expedito Taguibao and the mayor of Enrile Miguel B. Decena in helping the flood victims. He said that the senator’s office would continue to bring aid to typhoon victims. The senator also offered assistance to the poor and vulnerable sectors in the country. He also assured that poor and vulnerable sectors would be given priority under the national COVID-19 vaccine roadmap. The senator also offered medical care to those in need. He also offered assistance to the victims of typhoon Ulysses in the province of Cagayan.

In the aftermath of the flood, Senator Go also visited the victims of typhoon Ulysses. He offered assistance to those in need of medical care and distributed new shoes and masks to the victims. He also urged the residents to adhere to health protocols. He also assured that the government would prioritize the poor and vulnerable sectors in the COVID-19 vaccine roadmap. The senator’s office also distributed vitamins to the flood victims.

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