The one character that embodies complete devotion and loyalty is Hanuman Ji. There is a poetic beauty established through Lord Hanuman across all his acts for lord Rama. Hanuman Ji is most renowned for his courage, valor and dedication throughout Hindu mythology. There are many different versions of the story of how Hanuman came into being. Hanuman was the son of lord vayu and anjana. Hanuman was by nature a curious child, one day his hunger got the better of him and he went chasing after the sun presuming it to be a fruit. Lord Surya got on his chariot and hurried away but Hanuman would not be stopped, so lord Indra had to use his thunderbolt to prevent Hanuman. On hearing this lord Vayu was furious and took up the issue with all the gods and they conceded to bless Hanumanji with immortality. But hanuman’s mischief was just like his long tail. It went on and on and there was simply no end to it, so the gods decided to put an end to it. They put a curse on him that would make him forget that he had such great powers. This can be noticed in the epic Ramayana when Jambavan reminds him that he has the power to grow huge and also shrink in size.

Most of us would be familiar with the story of how Hanuman ji set fire to the entire country of Lanka with the help of his long, long tail.  But another famous story of how Lord Hanuman used his power against Sursa, the demon who had obtained a boon – Every being should pass through her mouth first. So hanuman started growing big and then when Sursa opened her mouth to swallow him, he suddenly became tiny and came out of her ears. Sursa was impressed with the Hanuman’s intellect. She blessed him and let him pass through.

This is a list of all the powers that lord Hanuman possess-

Anima: the ability to shrink ones size

Mahima: the ability to increase ones size

Lagima: the ability to be weightless

Garima: the ability to increase ones weight

Brapti: the ability to travel anywhere and acquire anything

Parakamya: an irresistible willpower

Vastiva: mastery over all creatures

Istiva: the ability to become godlike with the power to create and destroy

Hanuman Ji is often associated with courage and in a moment of dire desperation people tend to pray to lord Hanuman to give them the strength to endure any problems bravely. Hanuman’s strength is one of his biggest powers. Single handedly he can take on a whole army; he can fly across oceans and uproot entire mountains. The magnitude of Hanuman’s strength is unparalleled to any other god or human in Hindu mythology.

Not just physical strength according to kambar’s Ramayana in Tamil – Hanuman Ji is described as Sollin Selvan meaning possessor of the wealth of words. Hanuman after he was sent in search of Sita devi comes back with the news to Lord Rama and says to Rama “kanden Seethaiyai” the choice of words being quite spectacular. He did not want Rama’s heart to be depressed even for that one moment that he pauses after saying “Seethaiyai”- Seetha.  This also stands as an example for hanuman’s undying devotion towards his lord.

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