It is a dream of lakhs of students to be successful medical professionals, a fraction of them go on to achieve it. The level of competition in NEET is immense. While the exam is no doubt not as easy to crack, it is true that most of the time, students’ own mistakes drag them towards failure.

If you ponder over the statistics of participating candidates in NEET, and those who are able to clear it, you would be forced to think as to why so many students could not clear the exam. While some candidates achieve success in their very first attempt, a few others fail to crack even after 2-3 attempts. With this article, we try to understand some reasons why we fail at our attempts at NEET.

Why NEET Aspirants Face Failure? – Top 4 Reasons

As aforementioned, only a fraction of students achieve success in this competitive and prestigious entrance test. However, that does not correspond to saying that this qualifying fraction of students possess some divine power or extraordinary skills. The truth is, they are smarter than others, which gives them an edge over those who do not taste success.

In exams such as NEET, some of us tend to make mistakes. At times, students are able to identify them and not repeat them in their next attempt. At times, they commit another mistake to rectify the first one. Surprisingly, these reasons or mistakes to fail are most common in NEET.

Compiled below is a list of common reasons why NEET aspirants fail the test. Read on –

1. Underestimating syllabus

If you are a NEET aspirant, you must be aware of the syllabus specified for NEET by the NTA (National Testing Agency). Many times, students either underestimate the importance of NCERT for its simplicity or refer to multiple sources and invite trouble. Refrain from doing so. The first step must be in mastering the NCERT content for NEET. Let it be at your fingertips and then go on to refer to related sources. Keep NCERT above everything else.

2. Dearth of conceptual knowledge

Aspirants have a stack of books piled on their desks; you would find all the well-known publishers’ books there, with all the advanced information in them. In order to finish covering all these books, students forget to brush up with the basics covered in NCERT. They miss getting a stronghold of basic comprehension of a concept. Students need to understand that the exam is not about bookish knowledge, it is also the approach, practical application, and cognitive abilities that are assessed.

3. Revision game not on point

Undoubtedly, the NEET syllabus is vast, this is why students are seen preparing for it till the very last minute. To feed in new information every time, they do not revise what is already learnt. This has to be one of the biggest reasons for failing at NEET. You will never be able to figure out your weak points if you do not revise them. Regardless of how small your mistakes are, it shows up at exams in a big way. Revision is the only way to find your mistakes and rectify them. Also, consider solving NEET exam question papers to revise concepts and assess your learnings.

4. Improper planning and lack of right guidance

In entrance tests such as NEET, where there is cut-throat competition, where binary numbers can also alter your result, planning to prepare for the exam has a critical role to play. Another reason for your failure is the lack of a proper planning strategy or not staying consistent with your plans. Ensure to stick to it.

Additionally, ensure you are relying on the right mentor for guidance (if any). The last thing you want to know is that you have been following incorrect instructions all this while.

These were some common reasons why students fail at NEET. For a robust and sturdy preparation, access NEET notes for biology provided. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel for related content.

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