What does a help desk support manager do?

The position of assistant supervisor is usually defined as the IT supervisor whose job is to oversee the IT staff and make sure the clients have their needs at the desk. Capacity building is at the heart of the 21st century industry, and IT leaders need skills to solve hardware and software problems that affect a user or company. all. The importance of performance is reflected in the high salaries that most consumer managers are looking for.

 help desk support manager salary

Average salary

The supervisors of IT service providers are segregated by the Office of Operations Management based on computer and business information. These managers had 300,830 employees in the United States through May 2011. They received part-time salaries of $ 125,660 or $ 60.41. 10 percent of volunteer workers earn $ 185,150 or more per year, while 10 percent of the minimum wage is $ 74,080. The average income is $ 118,010.

Salary per state

The BLS reports that computer and information administrators in New York receive the highest salaries in the state, at $ 145,550 per year. California earned $ 144,240, followed by New Jersey with $ 143,710 and Virginia with $ 140,980. The state minimum wage for a helper is Mississippi, with an average annual salary of $ 80,060.

Most industries

According to BLS, the largest function of customer service is computer design. 58,190 business managers earn an average of $ 134,660 a year. The second largest group is the management member, where the executive board receives an average annual salary of $ 129,000. This was followed by insurance companies, whose annual salary was $ 121,860.

Highest paid industries

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The highest-paid industry for computer and information systems operators was the film and video industry, where the average annual salary was $ 162,520 as of May 2011. Stocks and commodity exchanges paid their supervisors on average to help. desk $ 156,180 per year. Information services employees earned an average annual salary of $ 154,330.

Help Desk Manager: job description, tasks and requirements

If you are tech savvy and have good leadership and communication skills, you may be interested in a career as a help desk manager. A degree in a related field is often the minimum requirement to fill a supervisory role. Some employers may prefer that you also get certified, general or for a specific computer system.

Essential information

Help desk managers ensure that customers receive technical support services and supervise help desk staff. Job requirements vary, although a 4-year degree is often required for executive positions. Certain certifications may also be required, depending on supported software or hardware.

Job description for a help desk manager

A help desk manager’s job is to oversee the timely delivery of quality technical support service to customers, whether they are internal customers working for the same company or external customers who have contracted technical support service. This requires both knowledge of supported software or hardware systems as well as effective personnel management skills.

In most cases, help desk administrators are responsible for supporting the Windows-based software system through the web component. Not specifically the type of hardware or software they will support. Employers can also choose to hire people with previous management experience.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that job creation for all network and computer administrators will increase by 4% between 2019 and 2029, nearly at the rate of the national average. . Additionally, PayScale.com reports that the average salary of aid center managers, as of April 20, 2021, was $ 67,099 per year. Also according to PayScale.com, most help desk managers earn between $ 47,000 and $ 91,000 annually.

Help Center Manager jobs

Help desk managers can complete technical support and administrative tasks. Typical technical support activities include answering calls, communicating with customers, identifying damaged software and troubleshooting, troubleshooting, removing hardware, and installing new software on the equipment of the customer. Management activities may include defining staff needs, setting deadlines and ensuring that those under their control have adequate resources to complete their duties.

Educational and experience requirements for Help Desk Manager

In general, at least a bachelor’s degree in bachelor’s degree related to logistics needs to assist desk administrators with tasks that often include computer science, voting or programming, engineering studies, maths, English, science and other needs of general education. Some employers may choose a higher education degree such as a Master of Business Administration.

The help desk managers also want to get a certificate from a company such as Microsoft, or from a general desk manager’s desk from an organization such as the Desktop Assistance Institute (HDI). The HDI certificate demonstrates the supervisor’s expertise in the performance of assisted standards and customer service policies. The Microsoft qualifications required for work logistics include a certified support specialist and a certified Microsoft Technology Specialist or Microsoft.

When put together, desk assistants take care of the provision of technical support to customers, and can also provide advice or problems. They need software, equipment, or programs in their work environment, and often acquire this knowledge through a bachelor’s degree program. The increase in the workload of all computer administrators is expected to be as fast as average in the next decade.

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