It is the best place to observe nature and enjoy its tranquility. Chopta, in Uttarakhand, is no exception. You will find beautiful snow-capped mountains, fertile green wetland areas, and tranquil valleys. Anybody planning a trip there should check out Chopta Trek. To the city dwellers, this brings much-needed tranquility. There is something for everyone on the Chopta Chandrashila Trek, whether you are a nature lover or an adventurer.

1.Tungnath track

A beautiful green trail is located in the Himalayas about 2,700 meters above sea level. This is an area surrounded by forests of tall trees, such as cedar trees, oak trees and rhododendrons, suitable for spectacular travel. The length of this trekking route is approximately 3.5 kilometers. Tourists can walk along the 3,680-meter asphalt road to Tungnath Peak. This is a very good trajectory, with only a few steep or steep turns.

 Tungnath Peak is home to ancient temples that are over 1,000 years old and offer beautiful views of Mandakini and the stunning Alaknanda Valley.

 2. Baniyakund Camp on the Lawn

 Camping is considered one of the best chopta activities, so a must-try! It is usually a stop for people on the Chandrashila Tungnath Trek.

 It is also considered an ideal place for bird watching, especially the parakeets in the Baniyakund wetlands. Some local shops make it a comfortable place to relax.

 3. Chandrashila Trek

Chopta chandrashila trek is about 5 kilometers along the Chopta Tungnath Chandrashila Trail.

 The highest peak in the chopta area is Chandra Shila. The position of 4130 meters above the ground is strategically important. The path is steep, but this is an easy way to explore the opposite side. Hikers can enjoy many activities and admire the magnificent views of the Himalayas. Trekker is also very warm, like looking at the tops of Kedarnath and Chaukhamba.

 One of the lanes is still well maintained and has not been changed by marketing. Along the way, pedestrians will encounter various wild animals in the area, including goats and many birds, such as white-tailed fires and brown storms.

 4. Kancula Korak Musk Deer Sanctuary

 Along Jalan Chopta, Gopeshwar, this reserve is about 7 kilometers away from Chopta. The area is 5 square kilometers. This includes an area. It is also famous for the reproduction of musk deer among many other animals. Even some rare flowers are used for eye care in the sanctuary.

 The environment is full of green all year round. Explore through a number of activities and at the same time, as a nature lover, explore the rare wildlife of the Himalayas.

 5. Ukrimath

 Ultimate is a small town known as the “Kedarnath Winter Seat”, about 28 kilometers away from chopta. This is not only a very good sightseeing spot but also allows travelers to understand its well-maintained culture. Madhameshwar Mela and many ancient temples provide a more vivid view of the colorful culture and vitality of this place, for example through folklore, songs, and dances. Pandava dance celebrations also include the latest Mahabharat episodes.

 6. Deori Tal

 Deoria Tal is the most interesting tourist attraction due to its beautiful scenery. It is located 3 kilometers from the Sari village of Jalan UkhimatChopta. A cool, calm, dense forest surrounds and attracts everyone. Located at the top of Silvery Chaukhamba, the lake has a panoramic view of Neelkantha, yellow teeth, and a dedicated top, which looks like the luminous excitement of the Doria Valley, rejuvenating visitors. It is also a good place for bird watching. That’s why bird lovers can’t pass it by.

 Most campsites are preferred. But you’ll have to walk about 2 kilometers from Sari Village to get to the beach. This is an unpaved rock trail, in the rainy or winter season, it is necessary to bring a guide. If you are lucky, you can also find a visible woman, or two deer, to make your trip even more magical!

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