Do you want to track your kids? Why do parents are desperate to look after kids all the time? Parents are busier than ever before. Parents have scary feelings because of the vulnerabilities that have arisen over the years that can harm the child.

Android phone technology has become an integral part of our lives and the same is the case with children. The usage of mobile phones, the internet, and social media has made teens interact with strangers online.

So, the curiosity of meeting virtual friends in real –life has become a norm over the years. Young kids are likely to meet with strangers.  The cases of date rape on the rise, kidnapping, sexual assaults, and child abuse are increasing day by day.

Therefore, parents want to know what their kids are doing on cell phones in their absence. They can track kid’s locations and monitor their cell phones using the spy app for android. moreover, you can control android mobile from pc.

What is Spy app for android?

It is a classification of monitoring software or a program that empowers users to spy on cell phone devices connected to cyberspace. It works on non-rooted android phones and empowers you to track and monitor every activity of your child with the schedule.

 It has many sets of features to catch every move of your child on phone screen and internet. You can capture screenshots, read messages, and spy on social messaging apps. It also tracks GPS location, location history, route maps, and browsing history.

Users can block apps, incoming calls, messages, and internet action. It is the best parental control for Android devices to date.

It is hidden and undetectable spy software for cell phones. It remains invisible on the phone and unveils the secret activities of your child. The application is compatible with android 5.0 and with OS version 11.0.

Top features of Android spying app to track kid’s location

Here are the few features of spy software to track the location of the children to make sure where they have been, and where they are?

GPS location tracker

Parents can use the GPS location tracking app on kid’s android phones. It enables users to trace the real-time location of their child virtually on the MAP.

Use the android spy app online dashboard to activate the GPS tracker to monitor your kid’s location. It is best for tracking kid’s whereabouts and current location via Google Maps.

Location history

Users can track the location history of the kids like weekly location history, daily location history, and current location with the schedule. Parents can get to know about the recently visited places


You can use unleash the best feature of android spy software, and you can mark safe and restricted places for kids and teens online. It will deliver you an instant notification whenever your child is visiting prohibited places.

Tracking without GPS

You don’t need to use the GPS of the target device. Spy app empowers you to get the pinpoint location of the target phone, and lets you know about the location of your target device. It will send a message on the target android phone, and when it has received, it will catch the target device location and display it on the map.

Social media messenger spy

Spy software for cell phones empowers you to monitor messaging apps, messengers, and social networking sites and monitor chat logs, messages, voice calls, and voice messages.

Browsing history

The parent can secretly monitor the cell phone browsers connected to cyberspace. You can monitor and track the browsing history of a cell phone device like visited websites, URLs, and bookmarked web pages.

Surround recording

Android spy can record the surroundings of a mobile phone by taking over the microphone. It records and lets you listen to the surroundings, voices, and chats using screen recorder software. 

View installed applications

Users can view installed apps on the target android phone and get a list of the installed apps alongside the names. You can discover social messaging apps, gaming apps, and many more.

How spy software for android works?

Visit the webpage of the TheOneSpy cell phone spy app for android and get the subscription and receive credentials via email. You need to start the installation process by having physical access on the phone and complete the configuration process. Further, you can use the credentials and access the dashboard. Moreover, activate the spying features and get instant results via an online dashboard.


Android spy solution is the best tool for parents to set parental control on kid’s digital phones. You can protect your kids online and prevent their interaction with online predators.

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