Prashar Lake is a very sacred place, where you can feel the cultural energy of the local customs. The site is located near the shrine dedicated to Sage Prashar, and other sages often visit the site to prove Sage Prashar’s dedication.

 In the past three years, I have been actively participating in difficult trekking and expeditions, and I found that trekking in Prasal Lake is a way to go back to the mountain. Living in Delhi, during the last 4 months of living in the city, I felt alienated from the mountains and urgently needed to travel to the mountains. I work with my good friend Geelani, Geelani is a Bikat adventure trekking leader, with more than 5 years of trekking experience, exploring Prashar Lake trek.

 When we arrived in Mandi and asked the Himachalists about Prasal Lake, the glowing faces told us the whole story. Even before visiting this place, we knew that Prasha Lake has very close ties with the locals.

 When we arrived at Baji Village 2 hours later, we saw the small road in front of us. Due to the previous landslide, the wrath of Mother Nature can be seen in the debris scattered around. When we prayed to nature for the safety of all saints and hikers, we started our hike to Prasha Lake.

 Witness Mother Nature’s wrath in the fragments scattered by the previous landslide

 Ascend into the dense forest and you cannot escape. The landscape of distant mountain peaks, such as My. Friendship and mountains. Hanumantiba can be seen. When we walked for two hours, covering 5 kilometers, we finally left the dense forest and entered paradise.

 After climbing the mountain through the dense forest line on the way to Lake Prashar, take a break.

 The path gets higher and higher, the forest becomes denser and we are getting more and more depleted

A small hole in the original dense forest line between Geelani and I we admired the panorama of the Himalayan mountains.

 A lake in the middle of heaven

 We came to a stretch of grass at the end. When we climbed the last 2 kilometers of lush green meadows, we arrived at Prasha Lake. Unique scenery. You can see mountains such as the Pir Panjal Mountains to Dhauladhar to Lahual Mountains and the Spiti Mountains near the Kinnaur area at the same time.

 Leaving the dense tree line and entering heaven. The endless meadow.

 Take the last steps towards Lake Prasat. You can see the top of the Sanctuary of Saint Prashar, which is located by the lake.

 Seen from Lake Prasat. In front of us is the Dhauladhar mountain range, whose glory watches us.

 When I sit there for lunch, from time to time drifting in the silence and beauty of Lake Prasha, I feel very satisfied.

 Himachali we met at Lake Prashar gave us another route from Lake Prashar. The Baggi route has been explored, and Geelani and I are excited about the prospect of the new route. The reality of the Prasha Lake hike far exceeded our hiking expectations. A new route is a new dimension of hiking that we are eager to explore.

I have actively participated in trips and difficult adventures in the last three years, I saw Prashar Lake Trek as a way to return to the mountain. I live in Delhi, I felt from the mountains with 4 months through the city life and needed a trip to the mountains. With my good friend, Geelani, a Trek leader for bikat adventure with over 5 years trekking experience to explore the Prasharsee. 

 When we went to Mandi and asked the Himachali people to the Prashar Lake, there were luminous faces and told us the whole story. We know that even before visiting where the Prashar Lake has a very strong connection with the locals.  

 When we started the new route downhill towards Mandi, after 25 minutes through the grass, we reached Lake Suhasar. This lake is a spectacle. When we witnessed the mysterious trance of the sun shining on the lake, we continued walking downhill, feeling refreshed

 Enjoy the mystery of Lake Suhasar, 25 minutes from Lake Prasal.

 7 kilometers downhill, passing through dense forests and pastures, we reached Kandali. We took the bus back to Mandi, where we fell asleep like children and had a rich experience.

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