When you need to make sure your cosmetic packaging meets quality control standards, it’s vital that you turn to an established firm with experience and expertise in the cosmetics industry. This company will help ensure that your product’s appearance, texture, weight, and other criteria are met or exceeded before your packaging goes to market or into production. However, these services can be expensive, so it’s important to know what you should look for when vetting potential quality control companies to ensure your product gets the care it deserves without breaking the bank.

Standardized tests are an important step in ensuring product quality

If you’re investing in a cosmetic packaging firm, you’ll want to know that they have protocols in place that reduce variation and prevent product contamination. You may even want them to be certified by an outside quality control service. 

In fact, most cosmetic packaging companies will submit their work for review by an independent third party before delivering your order. Third-party certification helps ensure consistent results, which can not only help protect consumers but also help increase sales through higher consumer confidence. 

It might cost you a little more upfront, but investing in quality control is well worth it when it comes time for sales cycles or seasonal promotions. In short: Quality inspection services are crucial to producing great packaging!

There are two types of packages – primary and secondary

Primary packages are what is visually seen by consumers and includes primary packaging and shipping containers. Secondary packaging helps protect primary packages and ensure they arrive in good condition, safe from damage or loss due to handling. 

Quality control services often focus on secondary packaging that needs protection, so it can provide peace of mind for customers. Purchasing shipping containers and quality inspection services together creates a convenient option for your retail store customers – purchase your products from one vendor, who also provides quality inspection services.

For primary packaging, there are 4 key points to look out for during testing

1. Inspect for sharp edges, burrs or any sort of uneven shape that could cause harm during use 2. Check inside for air bubbles or any voids 

3. Examine areas where lids, caps and other moving parts may touch the actual product 

4. Look out for any signs of leakage or damage that could cause leakage.

For secondary packaging, there are 5 key points to look out for during testing

1. For example, bubble wrap is notorious for causing scratches in glass products due to its high friction so try using something else if at all possible 

2. Be wary of sharp objects like pins or staples; these can leave puncture marks in cardboard which can later turn into rust spots that ruin your final product 

3. Also make sure there are no rips, tears or holes as these can compromise protective barriers and allow moisture through to damage what’s inside 

4. If you are sending liquid based products such as shampoos, conditioners etc., then make sure there are no leaks from cap threads etc.; even tiny amounts of liquid seeping through can cause big problems with damaged labels etc 

5. Finally look out for broken seals; while they may not seem like much they can actually invalidate entire batches if they aren’t spotted early enough (because how do you know how long it’s been leaking?)

Wrapping up

For decades, cosmetic packages have been used as a means of marketing new products. However, with competition in retail becoming fiercer than ever before, beauty brands are increasingly looking towards pack design as a means of differentiating their products from those available on competitor’s shelves. 

And with consumer spending on beauty and personal care products projected to reach $338 billion by 2020, getting your packaging right is more important than ever before. Therefore, it’s essential that manufacturers and suppliers seek out cosmetics quality inspection services that can help ensure their product meets not only legal standards but also market demands. We pride ourselves on delivering such services across multiple product categories for businesses all around the world.

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